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Don’t you hate it when you truly love an item on the rack and then realize in the dressing room that it just isn’t a good fit? That’s my current situation with the sunflower pattern. On principle, I adore any pattern that exudes such an aura of happiness around the person wearing it. Quite frankly, how can anyone look sad when covered in sunflowers? While I myself may not be able to indulge in the pleasure of such a vibrant floral pattern, I fully endorse others brightening up their wardrobe with statements pieces just like today’s Fashionista’s dress. Read more to find out how she turned her thrifted floral moomoo into a dress that’s just as perfect for her morning class as it is for an afternoon out.

Name: Samantha Speedy

Major: Telecommunications

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: How has coming to college at University of Florida changed your sense of style?

Sam Speedy: College has made me want to dress as easily as possible. Simple separates like jean shorts or a cotton tee can be easily combined in different ways and make getting dressed for morning class slightly more tolerable.

CF: What is the trend you are most looking forward to this fall?

SS: I love the patterned harem pants that have been popping up at Urban Outfitters and LF.

CF: What attracted you to the dress you are wearing now?

SS: I bought this dress from a thrift shop by where I live and I was immediately drawn to the bright colors and interesting pattern. The sunflower pattern has become more trendy recently, but it’s a pattern that is basic enough to stay in style for a while.

CF: What’s your advice about thrift shopping?

SS: Definitely be consistent about going and try to always go to the same thrift store or flea market. Look for patterns or basic styles that you like and try to see the potential of the item even if it isn’t initially ideal. Sometimes adding a belt or trimming the sleeves is all it takes to make the item perfect!

How To: If you also struggle with rocking the sunflower pattern, do not worry! To achieve the same pop of color without the bold pattern, try out a more simple but equally vibrant dress, like this skater dress from ASOS. If you want to take the sunflower trend a step further, add this flower headband to your look and you’ll truly be a flower child from head to toe.


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