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As the fall season begins to fade away, winter is coming and is here to stay. In the transition between seasons, the weather has been gloomy, cold and wet with today being no exception. I spotted my Fashionista, Sam by her sunshine yellow nylon rain coat — the bright color added some excitement to the otherwise dark, grayish-black day. The yellow was cute, girly and fun. It helped to spice up her simple colored outfit of a black thermal shirt, dark wash navy jeans and black rain boots with patterned liners sticking folded over the top of the boots. In addition, Sam was rocking a clear plastic body-proof umbrella which added an extra touch of flair to her rainy day wear.

Name: Samantha Haveson

Major: Advertising/Account Management

Year: Sophomore

College Fashionista: What are your clothing and accessory go-to’s on rainy days?

Sam Haveson: On a rainy day in the winter, I try to dress and accessorize to stay dry so having an umbrella is the key. I usually wear a rain coat that provides a hood and I like to stick to rain boots.

CF: Describe your outfit for us.

SH: I am wearing a black long sleeve thermal shirt with dark wash jeans, and over-the-knee socks. I paired this with black, high gloss Hunter boots and a shiny yellow rain coat. Lastly, I have a clear bubble umbrella to keep me dry.

CF: Your raincoat is great, the bright color is perfect for dark rainy days. How and why did you choose the yellow?

SH: My personality is eccentric and fun and I think the raincoat says just that. The bright yellow color pops against the other dark colors of my outfit and the fact that it is glossy makes my rain boots stand out.

CF: What is the next item on your shopping list?

SH: Thermal leggings. They are warm and ideal for this incoming cold winter weather.

How to: Hunter rain boots are a wonderful way to stay dry this winter, with fleece linings, they keep your feet warm. Plus, they are comfortable and classy. There are various colors for various outfits — hot pink, red, baby blue, graphite gray, the possibilities are endless. They are the perfect addition to any winter shoe collection.


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