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Upon spotting this week’s Fashionista Ruby, I immediately admired how she was able to make winter fashion funky and full of character. But to my surprise, Ruby said that she didn’t even realize she dressed fashionably until she moved from LA to NYC, and people began complimenting her eclectic style. Between her thick cable knit socks and polka dot pants, Ruby made five-year-old-esque fashion chic by giving it an urban edge. In fact, if worn correctly, polka dots may just be the answer to wearing prints year-round.

Name- Ruby Wry

Age- 18
 Year- Freshmen

Major- Undeclared

CollegeFashionista: Where is everything you’re wearing from?

Ruby Wry: The navy parka is from Necessary Clothing, the white polka dot pants are from the Gap, the top is from Brandy Melville, and the circle scarf from H&M.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

RW: My personal style has a little bit of an attitude problem. One day it’s happy, incorporating colors and patterns, while the next it’s angry, dressing grungy and dark. My personal style mimics my mood, location and what I’m doing but ultimately is determined by what’s clean. 

CF: What’s your take on west coast vs. east coast style and has living in NYC changed your style?

RW: I find that East Coast style gives you more freedom to dress formally. Which is a nice way of saying I’m no longer allowed to wear sweatpants in public. I’ve started having to wear more clothing, primarily to avoid pneumonia, but it allows for layering and outerwear, which is now my latest obsession.

CF: Where do you get inspiration?

RW: A lot of my inspiration comes from trying to look sane. When you appear one way it’s that much more entertaining when people find out you’re completely the opposite. It’s also based on my friend Niccolo. The better I dress, the more he’ll be willing to spend time with me.

CF: Who is your celebrity style icon?

RW: Adrian Koenigsberg. She has an amazing blog. It rules my life.

CF: Favorite stores/brands?

RW: Necessary Clothing continues to fail to receive recognition. It’s cheap, filled with surprising finds and it’s always there if you need a knockoff pair of those dangerous studded Jeffery Campbell Litas. I watched a girl embed her foot into a wall wearing those shoes.

CF: Best fashion advice?

RW: When in doubt dress simply and in all black. You can go anywhere and do anything wearing all black. Or put on every piece of clothing you own. It gives off an opulent kind of feel.

How To: Ruby chose a simple color palette of navy and white, but she made the look dimensional by playing with textures and prints. While polka dots can often err on tacky, Ruby’s pants’ dots are tiny instead of exaggerated, making them an eye-catching piece. For a more fitted alternative, try polka dot denim. By using chunky socks and a matching circle scarf in a soft grey, Ruby made a nautical color scheme perfectly suitable for winter wear.


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