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Syracuse weather is getting harder and harder to ignore as the semester continues. We are beginning to adopt the Syracuse dress code by adding more and more black to our outfits and closets. Syracuse is all about the basics. If you buy three things this winter let them be sweaters in black, white and gray. Also, be sure to remember those black leggings and studded black boots. These items will allow you to fit right it on one of those days where you don’t want to standout.

Name: Roxanne Hesh

Major: Public Relations

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Who is your celebrity style inspiration?

Roxanne Hesh: It is so hard to narrow that down between Cara Delevingne and Blake Lively! I love the edginess that Cara adds to all her outfits. She always seems to look good in basic outfits without looking like she tried too hard. Blake Lively on the other hand always creates amazing intricate looks. Her outfits are obviously planned down to the very last detail, which is the main reason why she always looks so put together. She mixes California and New York City looks to create something all her own and I really admire that!

CF: How would you classify your personal style?

RH: I don’t know if I could really pin it down to anything specific! I am definitely trendy and I wear a lot of black in the winter, but I love color in the summer! I love Paige Jeans, Stella McCartney and Zella leggings! I wear those on a regular basis but also to the gym! I also cannot live without  Vince, Theory and Trouvé. I also love shopping online when I am in Syracuse at stores like Revolve, NASTY GAL and TOBI.

CF: How do you combat the brutal Syracuse weather while still remaining fashion savvy?

RH: I really try to utilize accessories like scarves and beanies because people’s style can get so dull and boring when they are trying to stay warm.

CF: How has living in different parts of the world influenced your style?

RH: Living in different parts of the world has made my range of style more vast. I have learned to utilize different pieces in so many different ways to create a new look without having to go shopping and spend a ton of money on a completely new wardrobe.

How To: If you want to come out looking like a true Syracuse student you need to shop at Brandy Melville! This store has all of the basics that I was talking about earlier and so much more for great prices! They have cardigans that resemble the pattern of this Fashionista, as well extremely comfortable leggings! Another store that could equip you with this look, is Urban Outfitters. They have an awesome accessories section where you can get amazing scarves and beanies. No matter where you choose to shop, just remember to always add your own personal touches to the “Syracuse Uniform.”


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