Fashionista Spotlight

Staying warm and stylish is every Northwestern student’s style goal, and this Fashionista uses her theater background and Parisian inspiration to pull together a classic winter look. I found her looking effortlessly chic on a rare sunny day outside of Norris Student Center.

Name: Rebecca Gausnell
Major: Theater/French double-major
Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?
RG: I’m wearing this red peacoat that I got in a boutique in Paris because I studied abroad. I also got this scarf abroad — it’s Marc Jacobs so it’s not a Parisian brand. I had to wait to buy it because I had to save up for it and I kept coming back to it so I think the people in the department store thought I was kind of crazy because I’d pick the scarf up and put it on and be like, “I like it but I can’t buy it today.” When I finally bought it, I told the woman that it wasn’t an impulse by, but she didn’t even care. These are black pants from Zara – everything I’m wearing is from Paris – and these shoe are from a little shoe boutique there.

CF: Where do you get your style inspiration?
RG: I do costume design for the theater department, so I get a lot of my ideas from characters I’m designing. Last year I did a play that was Middle Eastern, so I started wearing all these tunics and my friend were like, “Why are you wearing all these tunics?” and I was like, “All my characters are in tunics!” So I get ideas from everywhere, I don’t get my ideas from a specific place.

CF: Where are your favorite places to shop?
RG: I shop all around, I tend to like going to Nordstrom for a little more high end [clothing] because they have really good help. I like vintage — I mean, who doesn’t love sifting through stuff?

CF: What’s your number one fashion essential?
RG: After Paris, I’d say a scarf because everyone wears a scarf. For me, a nice pair of shoes is essential. Particularly if you live in Chicago, if you have one nice pair of boots you can wear out, your outfit can look put together.

CF: What’s the one thing Fashionistas should never wear?
RG: I’m really against jean skirts. I think everyone did but particularly me, I had a long run of jean skirts in about seventh grade. I think that’s just a no-go.

How to:
Pack a bright style punch like this Fashionista with a gorgeous red coat, like this one from Nordstrom. I also love this amazing Fit and Flare piece from ASOS for an insanely flattering silhouette. Add a splash of color and pattern to your outfit and don’t be afraid to mix colors — you can pair this floral print scarf from ASOS with your red coat, or with outerwear and accessories of clashing colors. The mix will make you look sophisticated and worldly, just like this well-traveled Fashionista.



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