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As I searched for my first fashion starlet I experienced some difficulty due to the heavy winter coats donned by my peers. Unfortunately, when you live in a state like Indiana, insulation is a necessity. I scanned the crowds and a bright blur caught my eye—pants! Gloriously bright floral pants, gracing the legs of which I soon discovered belong to Raven Mahone. This style maven refused to let the drab weather drag her down and went with a colorful approach to her outfit, from head to toe.

Name: Raven Mahone

Major: Community Health

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Raven Mahone: I really don’t know the name brands, but my floral print pants were purchased at Target, the blouse was purchased from PacSun, my denim vest was purchased at K-Mart, my earrings and necklace were purchased at For Love, the gold watch was a gift from a friend and my boots were purchased from Kohl’s.

CF: In what ways do you make your wardrobe stand out from the average college student?

RM: I really don’t focus on standing out, I base my outfits off my shoes usually but yesterday I started with the pants and kind of built my outfit around the floral print.

CF: What trends are you most excited to wear this semester?

RM: I’ve become really fond of skull hats lately so I’m excited to wear them while it’s still cold out!

CF: If you had a bottomless budget and the opportunity to buy any one item, what would it be?

RM: If I had the opportunity to buy any one item it would have to be a legit vintage camouflage jacket.

How To: Start out with a statement pattern, like floral, animal print or even something like these Aztec print leggings. Then choose your favorite color palate from the pattern and distribute it throughout the rest of your outfit. Try to keep the other pieces simple to avoid an overwhelming mix of patterns. Don’t forget to glam it up with bold jewelry like this gold necklace from H&M or this bracelet cuff from Francesca’s.


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