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Prints on prints on prints! The mismatching of different patterns is definitely a new trend that I love. Today’s Fashionista clearly has her own sense of personal style, while also staying up to date and fashion forward. I absolutely love the way she has layered her jackets and, of course, contrasted the two prints. After talking to her, it’s clear that she’s knowledgeable about the fashion world as well as local fashion companies here in Seattle. I loved hearing what she had to say about her favorite items, her recent travels abroad and her internship!

Name: Rachel Roberts
Major: European Studies, Spanish Minor
Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Rachel Roberts: Steve Madden boots, Zara tights, Madewell shirt, Madewell jacket and a Zara scarf.

CF: Awesome! What are your staple pieces that you could wear almost every day?

RR: If I could wear one thing every day it would probably be this jacket, but it’s so thin for Seattle that I only use it to layer. But if I have a T-shirt, a sweater, jeans and moccasins, I’m good!

CF: Where do you go to find fashion inspiration?

RR: I go to Refinery29 a lot. Also, I just got back from Spain and — I don’t know — everyone there always dresses so nice, and the shopping’s really great so I was like, “Oh my God I need all this stuff!” Even though I don’t.

CF: Do you have certain magazines you read to keep up with trends?

RR: Yeah definitely, I have a subscription to Harper’s BAZAAR and I love Marie Claire. I’m always sort of online scouring looking for what’s new. Since Fashion Week is right now, before I go to bed I’ve been looking at the collections that are coming out.

CF: Me too! Is there a certain person whose style you love?

RR: I’m interning at this local, online fashion retailer, Craft & Culture. My boss has the best sense of style. She’s always so easy and laid-back and she always looks great!

How To: The two things that make this outfit so special are her jacket and her scarf. I love the unique print on her jacket — it’s bold and different. If you’re looking for something a little simpler, check out this blazer from Topshop. Also, I love the camouflage print that she’s brought into her look. In my opinion, it adds a bit of edge. Check out the exact scarf from Zara.


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