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Along with the dreaded midterm exams comes a college student’s favorite point in the semester—spring break! The task of dressing for the airport, however, can be a challenge, especially when you’re departing from 20 degree weather but your destination city will be 80 degrees. This Florida native demonstrates the how to travel comfortably and in style with a pink button-up, jeans, brown flats and an oversized, monogrammed tote bag.

Name: Rachel Rahal

Major: Communication Studies

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How do you dress in preparation for two extreme temperatures while traveling from South Bend, Indiana to Florida?

Rachel Rahal: I think that coming from South Bend, where there is snow and you tend to wear dark colors and then going to Florida, where you wear bright colors and shorts, it is important to try and find an easy medium. So when I travel, I like to wear something comfortable like jeans, looser layers and usually a jacket. As for shoes, definitely flats because they are easy to slip on and off, as well as comfortable to walk in. Boots are a pain to take off and put back on, tennis shoes take too long to tie and do not wear sandals because your toes will freeze off before you get there.  

CF: While at home, how do you dress appropriately for the weather but still follow winter trends?

RR: Florida is hard because it’s still so hot there. Usually it’s around 80 degrees when I go home, so we’re still wearing shorts. As the seasons change, we will wear light sweaters on a colder day or a long sleeve shirt and a scarf. You would never see someone wearing a North Face jacket though, it is not nearly cold enough. Jack Rogers sandals are big in Florida, so I would say with those, the colors change with the “seasons.” People tend to wear darker colors in the fall and winter and brighter ones in the spring and summer. Another comparable example, I guess, would be in South Bend we would wear tights with our skirts, but in Florida you can lose the tights.

CF: What styles are you most excited to wear as the season changes?

RR: Well, I got a couple of Lilly Pulitzer shirts for Christmas that I am excited to wear. I am just so sick of the long sleeves and dark colors. I cannot wait to be able to wear bright colors or pastels. Also, I am so excited to be able to wear sandals and no more boots.

How To: Arrive to your spring break destination in style. J.Crew has a variety of lightweight shirts that are perfect for a day of traveling. To keep warm on your way to the airport, throw on this olive green jacket. Instead of a canvas tote bag, go for this nylon one from Longchamp which you can have monogrammed. Finally, if you are really looking to get into the spring spirit, try out this fedora hat.


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