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I’ve never been one to wear white. As a klutz, the sophisticated shade and I just don’t meet eye to eye. Most of the precious whites I’ve owned in the past have become canvases of stains ranging from Sharpies to tomato sauce. So naturally, I was impressed by this Fashionista’s boldness in rocking this white wool coat because it proved to me that wearing white shouldn’t have to be such a phobia.

The juxtaposition between the wool coat and the black edgy accessories creates a refreshing minimalist ensemble that makes this Fashionista look modern yet classic. The coat’s classic silhouette paired with the relaxed fit of the boyfriend jeans allows the Fashionista to dress down the coat. Overall, the casual ensemble shows enough skin for the rising temperatures but covers up just enough for the unpredictable and windy weather. If this coat can survive season after season unscathed, then maybe wearing white isn’t as difficult as I’ve made it out to be.

Name: Rachel Park

Year: Sophomore

Major: Film and Television 

CollegeFashionista: As a film major, does fashion have any impact on your work? 

Rachel Park: Absolutely. Film is a visual medium, and that means that the aesthetic sense is incredibly important when creating that world in front of the lens. I was always captivated by costume- and beauty-centric imagery in film—my favorite films all have visually arresting moments ingrained in my mind that resonate with me emotionally. I think that’s pretty powerful.

CF: Do you follow trends or prefer to do your own thing?

RP: It’s almost unavoidable to follow a trend! With that being said, I’m not a super trendy person in the sense that you won’t see me trying every new, outrageous piece of clothing or accessory. However, my personal style does lend itself to whatever is popular in the fashion zeitgeist. The ‘90s have been having a moment. I thought I could pull off the grunge look, partly as homage to my roots in Seattle, but it’s just not me. I instead find myself Googling Calvin Klein ads from those years which are modern, clean and sophisticated.

CF: What is your most coveted item in your closet?

RP: Right now, it’s this wool coat that used to belong to my mother. I also have this knee-length leopard coat with faux leather detailing that I’m obsessed with, but it’s a little out there, so I have trouble convincing myself to wear it.

CF: How do you see your sense of style evolving in the future?

RP: One day, I’d really like to get the whole “signature” look down pat. Carine Roitfeld is always effortlessly put together. Her look is feminine and flattering to her body, but the clothes themselves are trend focused and “of-the-season” without being ostentatious; it just works. I love when you can’t put an age to an ensemble. If someone could use the word “chic” in describing me, that’s when I’ll know I’ve made it.

How To: Paired with florals or pastels, white jackets were meant to be worn during spring. Like most items in your closet, there’s an overwhelming, diverse array of shapes and styles to choose from. Feeling edgy? Then go for this biker jacket or a lightweight bomber jacket. Feeling bohemian? Then try this denim jacket with cutout details. Finally, if you’re feeling Parisian, try a classic blazer that embodies effortlessness and elegance—trust me, you won’t regret it.


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