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This Fashionista’s shirt cracked me up! It’s hard to pass up a Fashionista who can bring a bit of humor into her style and even harder to pass up a fellow Mean Girls fan. A graphic T-shirt like this can take a casual outfit from bland to bam. This T-shirt definitely makes a statement and pairing it with simple pieces lets that statement speak loud and clear. It’s a good idea to style your graphic T-shirt with simple pieces, like jeans and a cardigan, so it doesn’t distract from the focal point of the outfit. 

Name: Quinasha Sanford

Year: Freshman

Major: Psychology

CollegeFashionista: Where is your outfit from?

Quniasha Sanford: The majority of my outfit is from PacSun and my shoes are from DSW.

CF: Where do you usually shop?

QS: H&M, PacSun and Forever 21 are my go to stores. Their prices are reasonable and they have so many different styles that channel different parts of my personality.

CF: What is your favorite item in your closet?

QS: My black combat boots go with any outfit and any style. It also gives a bit of a calm yet spicy kick to a casual look.

CF: Is there anything or anyone that inspires your style?

QS: I love Rihanna’s style and her bold looks. Her ability to take risks is what makes her a fashion icon, along with her musical talent. I also am in love with the character Effy Stonem’s style in the UK show Skins. Her style screams edgy and dark.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

QS: My style can be measured on a spectrum between edgy and urban chic. 

CF: Who is your favorite designer?

QS: Betsey Johnson is an amazing designer! Her style is so outrageous and bold. 

CF: Which celebrity’s style do you love?

QS: Besides Rihanna, Cara Delevingne’s style is amazing and fairly similar to my own. I also love Zooey Deschanel’s style because it’s fun, flirty and quirky. Her look is very Indie looking and she works that style like no other.

CF: What is your personal outlook on fashion?

QS: Fashion, just like art, dance and music, is a way to express oneself. I admire people who dress and stay true to themselves whether they’re into the dark look, preppy look, bohemian look, etc.

How To: Start with a basic graphic T-shirt. It can be funny or just have an awesome design on it. A pair of dark or black skinny jeans is a simple combination for you graphic T-shirt. A pair of combat boots and a black beanie make this casual outfit edgy but still fun.


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