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One thing I’ve recently gotten into the habit of doing is dressing nicely at home.  And I’m not talking about wearing heels and a cocktail dress around the apartment à la Carrie Bradshaw, but simply replacing my hole-y T-shirts and sweatpants for slouchy sweaters and fitted yoga pants or printed lounge pants, which are a lot less bummy and equally as comfortable. I like the idea of being able to run out of the apartment at a moment’s notice without having to change. This Fashionista perfectly pulls off the comfortable loungewear look and even added a nice statement necklace to dress up the look for school.

Name: Perlyn Du

Major: Biological Sciences

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Tell me about your outfit!

Perlyn Do: These harem lounge pants are from Forever 21 and I bought my necklace off Amazon from China (for only $12!). I chose to wear a plain black tank top since I had a lot going on with my printed pants and statement necklace. The backpack I literally bought 20 minutes ago from Forever 21–I liked the print and I desperately needed something to comfortably carry all my books in.

CF: Where do you get your style inspiration from?

PD: I mainly find inspiration online from personal style blogs and Tumblr, but I also get inspiration from watching TV.  Comfort is always key though–f something’s not comfortable, I’m not going to wear it. Like these pants–I love them because I feel like I’m wearing pajamas!

CF: Where do you usually shop?

PD: Forever 21 is one of my favorite places to shop, but it’s definitely a hit or miss with their quality. I also love to shop at Zara and Urban Outfitters. Once in a while I’ll get lucky when I’m window shopping at random boutiques if something catches my attention. I love these finds because I know for sure I’ll be the only one with these pieces, unlike when I shop at Forever 21.

CF: What is your favorite item in your closet?

PD: These black ankle-strap heels I recently bought from Zara–they go with everything!

CF: What do you look forward to wearing most in the fall?

PD: Dark lipsticks. The one I’m wearing right now is from MAC for $16; definitely worth it for quality make-up.

How To: Fun prints are essential to look for when shopping for cute loungewear (added bonus for color!).  I love the print and luxe satin material of these trousers from Forever 21, paired with a solid-colored tank or T-shirt for a relaxed, easy-going vibe.  And if you’re feeling daring like this Fashionista, find a backpack with an equally fun print to wear with the pants, like this paisley printed one from Urban Outfitters.  Top the look off with a neutral colored statement necklace so that it doesn’t clash with the other prints in your outfit.


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