Fashionista Spotlight

Mixing textures is a great way to add some interest to you outfit. This week’s Fashionista did just that! She paired a sheer and cotton cardigan over a simple tank top and leggings and added even more interest with a knit scarf and a metallic statement necklace. Adding all these different textures really added to the interest of the outfit and made her stand out from just a simple tank and leggings.

Name: Paige Colon

Major: Accounting

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Paige Colon: I’d like to think of my style as very current and up to date. I wear whatever I’m in the mood for while making it well put together.

CF: Where do you find your fashion inspiration?

PC: I find my fashion inspiration through Pinterest a lot. Pinterest has versatile and stylish and outfits for me to look at all the time. 

CF: Are you asking for any new accessories or clothing to add to your wardrobe in the upcoming holiday season?

PC: I really enjoy accessories I feel they can make any outfit cuter so for Christmas I asked for a lot of statement jewelry and scarves. 

CF: Where do you do most of your shopping?: 

PC: I do most of my shopping at Free People, Urban Outfitters and Francesca’s Collection. 

How To: Adding textures to an outfit can be extremely easy for any Fashionista/o. Starting with a basic outfit like this week’s Fashionista’s tank top and leggings and adding pieces on top is the easiest route. After creating a base outfit chose another texture, for example a sheerer material top. Adding a cardigan over that in a knit or cotton will add another layer of depth. Finishing the outfit off with a few accessories adds a few more layers as well. A statement necklace will draw the eye and a scarf is there to add a little warmth in the upcoming winter months. These easy steps can turn any casual outfit into an amazing one.


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