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Where I’m from, the weather rarely gets crazily cold, so vests are a must-have for the middle ground between blizzards and heat waves. This Fashionista opts for a simple navy puffer on top of a striped shirt and a chambray top demonstrating an enviable mastery of layering. Her two-tone shoes keep her color scheme simple and her overall look polished.

Name: Olivia Treister

Major: History

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Olivia Treister: Striped shirt, pants and shoes from J.Crew, denim shirt from Topshop and vest by The North Face.

CF: What was the inspiration for your outfit today?

OT: I have always been drawn to stripes. I don’t know why, but it seems that every time I go shopping, I add another striped clothing item to my repertoire. I chose this outfit because it reflects my love for the nautical trend while illustrating my style’s preppy roots with a modern twist. The denim shirt and puffer vest add a more relaxed feel to the structured pants and ballet flats. 

CF: What are your favorite colors to wear during the fall season?

OT: This season I have fallen in love with gray as exemplified by my choice in pants! While it is extremely versatile and neutral, the color is an unexpected addition to any outfit. Also, I have a lot of reds in my fall wardrobe, and I like it because it adds a pop of color that matches with the changing leaves. 

CF: Has your style changed at all since coming to college?

OT: Well, coming to South Bend from southern California, my wardrobe needed to evolve. While at home I would be sporting my ripped cut-offs, here I have found ways to master the art of layering! I have loved getting the chance to experiment with sweaters, boots, vests and coats. It’s just all so foreign and fun to me! 

CF: What has been your biggest challenge in adapting your style for college?

OT: The weather and I have a love-hate relationship! The biggest struggle in adapting my wardrobe is fighting the urge to wear sweats and forcing myself to actually “get dressed” in the mornings. 

CF: Do you have any style icons? Where do you find fashion inspiration?

OT: I have many style icons, but I would say the most influential are Coco Chanel, Blair Eadie and Olivia Palermo. All three of these women mastered the art of conveying their personalities through their impeccable taste. Also, I draw inspiration from Vogue magazine — I have every issue from the last three years in my room ­— and the people that are around me. 

How To: Check out Lilly Pulitzer’s brand new puffer vest in black, and throw it on over a light blue Forever 21 chambray shirt and black-and-white striped Madewell sweater. Try medium or dark wash jeans and Michael Kors cap-toe ballet flats for a vibe that’s dressy casual. Complete the look with a silver bracelet and necklace, leather watch and a cocktail ring.

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