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Parlez-vous Français? This Fashionista does! Her shirt may mean “so-so” in French, but her style is on point. Olivia rocked her graphic tee and distressed, light wash jeans. Her leopard headband, wavy red hair and rose gold watch were adorable accents to her effortless style. She was certainly a fresh reminder that spring is only a few days away.

Name: Olivia Ohlsen

Major: Public Relations

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What’re you wearing?

Olivia Ohlsen: My headband is from Forever 21, and my shirt is from a boutique called Face in Northampton, Mass. My capris are from Old Navy, and my shoes are Steve Madden.

CF: What influences your style?

OO: I’ve lived in South Louisiana, North Louisiana, West Virginia, Indiana, Nebraska, Illinois and Massachusetts. I wear a lot of different things from different places that all have different trends.

CF: What influences the way you dress?

OO: I really like to wear neutrals and comfy clothes that I can just throw on, like a big tee that’s solid-colored and easy to change up by adding jewelry or a headband. I usually have my hair down, curly and messy. My style is always really relaxed and not too fussy.

CF: Do you often wear light wash jeans like the pair you’re wearing now?

OO: This is actually my only pair, but I really do like them. If they’re a lighter color, I like them to be more distressed and in a boyfriend style. I wouldn’t wear a pair of skinny jeans in a light color.

CF: Tell us more about your French T-shirt.

OO: I am actually a French minor, and I thought it was perfect for me. I’m also studying abroad in Paris this summer, which inspired me to buy it. But I’ll feel cheesy wearing it in Paris, so I probably won’t wear it! That’s why I like to wear it around here because only people who speak French know what it says.

How To: Graphic tees are great conversation starters; after all, this Fashionista’s “comme ci, comme ça” top is what grabbed my attention. Wildfox Couture‘s graphic tees are super quirky and fun. Take Olivia’s lead and pair one with a relaxed pair of boyfriend jeans. Play up your casual look even more by slipping on a pair of sleek flats.


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