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As classes are winding down, you begin to see a change on campus. There are wild moods and sleepless nights that revolve around finals, but what I enjoy seeing most is the shift in class attire rather than the usual shorts and shirt combo. With the nicer weather on Rocky Top, people are letting their summer clothes come out to play. With graduation and full time jobs approaching, students may need to dress more professional for a presentation or for work, so the brighter colors and lighter fabrics are taking over. This Fashionista caught my attention with her bright blue slacks that make her outfit pop. It is a perfect summer variation on dressing to take on the real world.

Name: Olia Vorobyeva

Major: Business Administration

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Where do you find inspiration for your style?

Olia Vorobyeva: I usually just go after a few specific cuts and styles when I shop that I know fit my body in the most flattering way.

CF: How does fashion and style in Tennessee compare with that of Russia?

OV: It is very different. In Knoxville, many people dress for comfort over style. In Russia, people tend to dress up for every occasion: heels, beautiful outfit and always have on makeup!

CF: Who is your celebrity style crush? Why?

OV: I really like a classic and polished style, especially Michele Kors and Roberto Cavalli. I really like Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep’s style. Those ladies are always put together!

CF: What is your favorite piece you own right now? Where is it from?

OV: My favorite piece of clothing right now is a pair of jeans from Express. They fit me so well and are made of really great quality that lasts for a long time.

How To: You can make fashion whatever you want it to be! I love that this Fashionista paired a more casual Piko top with a pair of very trendy slacks. It shows a new take on what one would normally see for a business casual look. Pairing these pieces with bold shoes is a way to add a little fun to the ensemble. They are not seen when she is standing still, but as soon as she walks, you can catch a glimpse of the intricate detail of the shoes that add a new dimension. Pairing this outfit with simple accessories is key since the top and bottom are so dominant. Finding colors that suit your personality best will let you recreate this outfit to fit any unique style!


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