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One of the trending tags on Tumblr these past few days has been #finalsweek. The week of finals can be one of the most stressful weeks in a college semester because it’s the make it or break it point for a lot of students everywhere. Just because you’re stressing on the inside that doesn’t mean you should show it on the outside. When dressing for finals week stylish but relaxed is the way to go. Stay away from clattery accessories and heels when you’re on-site for testing. Like today’s Fashionista, let detailed touches such as textured lace on your outfit be your quiet accessories.

Name: Myriah Acosta

Major: Psychology

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Myriah Acosta: My skirt and blouse are from Forever 21 and everything else is thrifted.

CF: What store do you like to shop at the most?

MA: My favorite store to shop at would be American Apparel. I also love to thrift because of all the unique items and clothing you can’t find in stores.

CF: What is your favorite fall fashion piece of the season?

MA: I love lace leggings. Those are my favorite right now in either sheer or textured.

CF: Who is your fashion inspiration?

MA: I really look up to Grimes for different fashion choices, but for the most part, I like to style my outfits on my own.

CF: Why do you believe it’s important to dress nicely on a college campus?

MA: I believe that a person’s personality really shows in what outfits they choose to wear. You also never know who you might meet or run into!

How To: Instead of a color palette consisting of grays, blues and blacks, opt for a softer touch when you make this Fashionista’s look your own. Try a tan skirt and an off-white sweater to layer. Add on some simple gold jewelry to complete your look. If you stay with a dark palette, try silver instead. For a day to night transition try ankle booties instead of ballet flats.


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