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Today’s Fashionista is a thrifty fashion-getter, wearing pieces that she either found secondhand or belong to her mother. She’s even wearing a jacket from her twin sister’s art teacher who found it on the streets of Italy. Her eclectic outfit proves that you never know what someone’s answer will be when you ask them, “where did you get that?” The palette of her ensemble is what stood out to me; the brown suede and maroon makes for a rich combo while the black bottom half of her look is sleek and neutral. Having just moved to New York from New Hampshire, this Fashionista is new to the city’s fashion scene. Read below to find out how the move has affected her style.

Name: Morgan Askenaizer

Year: Junior

Major: Opera

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Morgan Askenaizer: I don’t want to say I wear whatever because I don’t wear whatever. It’s just…style is magic; that’s what I do, that’s how I roll.

CF: Where do you shop?

MA: I really just like finding stuff on the street.

CF: Do you go to a lot of vintage stores? 

MA: Yeah, but not anyone in particular.

CF: As a new resident of New York City, do you find yourself dressing differently now that you live here?

MA: I feel like I dress more aggressively on a daily basis. I dress with more of a purpose.

How To: Pair black tights with a black skater skirt like this one from ASOS. Pair it with a fitted sweater or T-shirt and layer with a chambray shirt. This an easy look to throw together for a class that’s slightly dressier but still low-key.


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