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As the sophomore slump approaches, Fashionistas everywhere struggle to maintain style under their heavy load of books. This well-traveled Fashionista finds her library style in accessories by pairing winter grays with chunky glasses and boots. She caught my eye in the simple preppiness of her ensemble while keeping warm and comfy in her large sweater. Her main intentions are certainly practical; she chooses an adorable and useful backpack over a smaller tote.

Name: Molly Radin

Major: Communication Design

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Where do you find your greatest style inspiration?

Molly Radin:  I spent my last semester in India and some time in Paris, and in those places I found new pieces and inspiration for my wardrobe. 

CF: Which do you consider more important: style or comfort?

MR: It generally depends on my mood and if I have art classes that day. 

CF: Fur or cashmere for winter?

MR: I love faux fur, but I prefer cashmere over real fur because it is a soft, luxe fabric without the extra baggage of worrying about animal cruelty. 

CF: What is your most sworn by accessory?

MR: I love to add a statement or chunky necklace to any outfit. I recently got one in India that I love to pair with dresses and plain shirts. 

How To: Start your library ensemble with the most practical element: an old school backpack. Steer away from the old-school Jansport days and try one of Urban Outfitters’ funkier takes on the classic. Fight both the winter cold and the library’s harsher air conditioning in an oversized pullover sweater.


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