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Although our winter wardrobes often burst with neutrals, resulting in outfits that are full of black, white and shades of grey, our wardrobes are also full of texture. The combination of neutrals and texture can create chic monochromatic looks that have a lot of details. I love how this Fashionista brought together a cropped chunky knit, a basic tank and a structured blouse, with a DIY gold studded collar, to create a classy and stylish look for campus.

Name: Michelle Serdan

Major: Fashion Communications

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Michelle Serdan: It’s mostly a mixture of feminine, comfortable and put-together clothing, but I do occasionally like to mix in some more grungy or edgier clothing.

CF: What are some of your wardrobe staples?

MS: Lots of blouses, black pants and plenty of sweaters.

CF: Where do you look for fashion inspiration?

MS: I love to see street-style candids, whether it’s on a blog or it’s watching people walk around campus and downtown. I especially love to see model Cara Delevingne’s street-style because she likes to have fun with fashion, yet she maintains an edgy vibe.

CF: Whose closet would you love to raid and why?

MS: If she wasn’t a fictional character, I think it would be fun to raid Carrie Bradshaw’s closet. She literally has every girl’s dream closet!

CF: Any fashion resolutions for 2013?

MS: To wear more colour and patterns! It’s pretty sad, looking at my closet and seeing a ratio of white and black clothing taking over two thirds of my wardrobe.

CF: If money weren’t an issue, what one item would you love to splurge on?

MS: I would purchase one of Alexander McQueen’s pieces from his 2010 Plato’s Atlantis collection. That collection was perfection and my personal favourite of the late designer. Owning any piece from that collection would be like collecting a piece of art—I would probably have it in a glass case on display.

How To: Start off with a white blouse that has a studded collar. You can find some great styles from Topshop or Forever 21, but if you’re feeling extra crafty, why not try making your own studded collar? You can find DIY projects online, if you ever need some inspiration. Once you have your white blouse, add a grey tank top and a cropped white sweater, which could be another DIY project, if you have a longer chunky sweater and a pair of scissors handy. Then, throw on your favourite pair of black skinny jeans and a pair of studded black ankle boots. Finish off with a classic black coat and a structured black tote.


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