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Who doesn’t appreciate a jacket with great sleeve detail? These cold weather days push our limits when it comes to winter wear that doesn’t blend into the sea of solids and neutrals. We question what colors are appropriate, when are prints acceptable for everyday style and how do we differentiate ourselves to make fellow students on campus look twice. One perk at USC is temperatures above the norm, but how to balance the indescribable, make-believe season between winter and spring here can be quite a challenge. Luckily, this Fashionista found middle ground when it comes to appreciating the weather yet not allowing stereotypical spring color overwhelm her ensemble.

Name: Melody Malbin

Major: Nursing

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Do you subconsciously mold your personal style around the monthly seasons?

Melody Malbin: I mainly stick to earthy tones because that’s my personal style preference. However, spring and summer do bring out the more colorful aspects of my personality, so when a winter day in January feels like a spring day in April, I tend to dress in warmer, brighter tones.

CF: How would you label or define your personal style?

MM: My friends would say I’m a hippie through and through, but I’m trying to become a professional in my field, so tailoring my personal style to fit the part yet still highlight who I am is what I’m trying to accomplish. Accessories are extremely important to me; I’m a recent perm advocate, so I appreciate hair with volume, a deep lip color, statement jewelry and functional bags which, in my opinion, make the outfit.

CF: When you walk into a small boutique or high-end retail store, what pieces do you strive to find for your every day wardrobe?

MM: I either look for something unique or something extremely wearable that I will get a lot of use of. I fall in love with certain pieces that I wear for weeks on end just because the versatility of it is most suitable towards my every day schedule. 

How To: This Fashionista turned to an updated version of the commonly known denim jacket to excite her casual look. Everyone appreciates a basic piece, especially retro denim jackets for weather that requires a light outer garment. Spice it up with something different, whether it be sleeve detail or studded shoulders. White loafers keep this look simple for a day on campus, but swapping them out for booties or heels at night can keep this relaxed look still night-life appropriate.


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