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I passed by this Fashionista on my way to class and couldn’t help marveling at her jeweled vintage halter top. I haven’t seen many people rock halter tops on campus but now that spring has finally come I’m sure they’ll make a comeback. What really popped out to me was the way the sun reflected off of the metallic accents. Although the patterns on her jacket and her top don’t match perfectly color-wise, I think the contrasting textures of the jewels and the sewn design work together. The off-white and brown tones really give a great earthy bohemian feel to the look which is perfect for the upcoming warm days.

Name: Melissa Ceciliano

Major: Psychology

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: Tell me what you’re wearing.  

Melissa Ceciliano: I’m wearing a halter top I bought from a thrift shop on St. Mark’s Place in Manhattan. My jacket is from PacSun and my boots are from Aldo. 

CF: What are your favorite brands to rock?

MC: Ugh it never ends! My favorite brands are Lucky Brand and Hollister for jeans and  Free People for unique bohemian tops and concert wear. The problem is my favorite tops are usually pretty expensive full price so I usually go to Century 21 and Nordstrom Rack to find unbelievable deals. 

CF: What are your must-haves in your wardrobe? 

MC: Honestly the must-have I couldn’t live without is my Bedazzler which I use to add intricate patterns to plain tops. I haven’t used it for this particular one but trust me the time and effort put into the process pays off in the end. Accessory-wise I can’t live without my geode necklaces that add so much personality to my look.

CF: What would you say is the biggest influence on how you dress?

MC: I always look to the hippie subculture whenever I’m picking out clothing. I feel like the movie ‘Woodstock’ really captures my musical tastes and reflects my personality. It’s as if I was born in the wrong decade. 

CF: Do you have a method for when you get dressed?

MC: I always pick an outfit around the jewelry I’ve chosen for the day. I have so many delicate necklaces and rings that I think are the foundations to my outfits. Each of them have their own story behind how and where I had gotten them. Clothing is always less important compared to the accessories that really make the statement. 

How To: I recommend wearing a halter top with a high-waisted skirt that flows down to your feet. You could also wear a nice pair of parachute pants with laced sandals. Here are some other halters I really loved! Check out this necklace I felt really embodied this fashionista’s look.


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