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I ran into Megan on her way to lunch at the Atrium this afternoon. Her porcelain blue patterned top under her jacket caught my eye as well as her deep brown Steve Madden lace up boots. I loved her theory that nature itself is a fashion inspiration and couldn’t agree more when she admitted to a constant quest for sweaters! A recently self-proclaimed sweater addict myself, I encourage wearing sweaters for their ability to hide under raincoats, serve as tops themselves and actually keep you warm (I’m looking at you, cardigans). Check out the additional images of that aforementioned patterned top (so cute) and the triple piercings on her lobes. I am definitely considering adding a stud atop my current doubles after seeing those beauties.

Name: Megan Farren

Major: Deciding between Graphic Design and Human Services

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What’s an item you’re dying to buy right now?

Megan Farren: I’m dying to buy more sweaters. Sweaters are just super comfy and so easy to layer with.

CF: What’s your lazy day outfit?

MF: A big, comfy sweater and rain boots. They’re super easy to throw on and they match with anything!

CF: Any style icons or sources for inspiration that you think affect the way you dress?

MF: I think my campus is sometimes my biggest fashion icon – that and Pinterest. I’m really into vintage and comfortable styles. Anytime I go into Urban Outfitters, Madewell or Anthropologie I melt. Also, I think nature is a big fashion inspiration. I really love toned-down colors like forest green and maroon.

CF: What question do you want me to ask the next Fashionista/o?

MF: What’s the easiest way to look stylish at school or work without looking like you’re trying too hard?

How To: To recreate Megan’s great campus look focus on the two outer pieces: an army green anorak and brown lace up boots. I personally would pick up that porcelain blue top as well! If you have double or triple piercings I’m a fan of diamond studs with dangly earrings as worn by Megan.



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