Fashionista Spotlight

Spring is finally here, which means that bare legs and bright colors are beginning to reappear on campus. This is always a fun time for Fashionistas, as we are able to pull out our favorites, both new and old, and embrace the wonderful temperatures. This Fashionista embraces spring and the warm weather by rocking a bright and colorful ensemble.

Name: MaryEllen Powers

Major: Consumer Affairs

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today and where is it from?

MaryEllen Powers: The purple skirt, necklace and flats are all from J.Crew. My polka-dot top is by Matty M from Hot Mama, which is my all time favorite store!

CF: Where do you get your style inspiration?

MP: I have an older sister who has always been really into fashion. Additionally, working at Hot Mama for the last year and a half has gotten me to move outside of my comfort zone by trying different styles and trends.

CF: How would you describe your style?

MP: I have fun embracing all different trends, but I would define my style as preppy. You can usually find me in skinny or straight leg jeans and bright colors, but I also have fun with polk- dots, stripes, layers, big jewelry and scarves. Honestly, it depends mostly on where I’m going and my mood.

CF: What is one trend you would never be caught wearing?

MP: Being 5-foot-2 and a more athletic build, I’ve learned how to dress for my body type by working in retail. There are just some things that don’t look as good on me. Examples include crop tops, wide leg jeans (mostly because I never wear heals!) and the oversized look in general. I think these trends look great on other women, but they are just something I have learned to stay away from.

How To: Replicate this look by starting with a solid colored statement skirt. The addition of a simple black and white polka-dot top complements the ensemble without creating too much of a distraction from the other statement pieces. A chunky bright colored necklace makes the look a bit more fun and allows this Fashionista to express her personality. Final touches of nude flats and a thick banded silver watch complete the look. A great addition to this outfit would be a black patent leather skinny belt. This addition would further emphasis this Fashionista’s waist, as well as dress the look up a bit.


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