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With the month of January coming to an end, many of us are looking back into our closets and thinking, “When is winter going to end?!” With the Canadian weather and its ability to freeze you to the bone, I thought it would be okay to cave in and wear my fleece pajamas to my early class until I caught this Fashionista sporting a fabulous ensemble that not only put my pajama dreams to shame, but would also make the queen of preppy style, Blair Waldorf, feel like a proud mama.

From her beige trousers to her pink stone bib necklace worn over her button-down, this Fashionista transforms the typical Oxbridge look to suit the climate around her, pairing it with a trendy coat and durable leather boots, a get up that truly reflects her English upbringing. She proves (to me, especially) that when mother nature gives you crazy winds and slippery snow, you whip out your treasured blazers and pinstriped shirts and work the nerd chic look.

Name: Maryam Zaidi

Major: Specialist in English Literature

Year: Senior

College Fashionista: I love this whole preppy look! Where’s everything from?

Maryam Zaidi: Well, I am wearing pretty much everything high street! My coat is DKNY, blazer and shirt are from Gap and my trousers are from Topshop. My leather boots are ALDO and my necklace is a Forever 21 purchase. 

CF: So how would you describe your style?

MZ: I feel as though I have two very contrasting styles and they are both very dependent on the season. In the wintertime, I prefer a ‘preppy’ style, it is very Oxford: clean cut, minimalistic. But I do like to add a little sparkle on, whether it be in the form of earrings or a necklace, I feel it just adds a bit of embellishment. In the summer time, I think my style is more Bohemian; I love to wear dresses, especially maxi dresses. I love to pair it with funky jewelry and I much prefer cross-body bags over large, hefty handbags.

CF: What would you say is your biggest fashion splurge?

 MZ: A good coat for sure. I think investing in a coat is so important, especially when you live in a city like Toronto. For me, to feel confident and fashionable, I like choosing a coat that has a timeless design and one that is durable and comfortable. 

CF: What piece of clothing would you wear all year round, regardless of the weather?

MZ: I love my dresses! I prefer them to be fitted with a bit of a flair. In the winter, you’ll catch me in block colored dresses in the darker shades such as navy blue, burgundy or plum, paired with tights and boots whilst in the summer time, I love to wear my dresses with flats and in brighter colors such as magenta, lilac or teal.

CF: What factors do you consider when you are deciding what to wear everyday?

MZ: Growing up in England and now living in Canada, checking the weather is one of the key elements I consider when dressing up. Mother nature is always keeping us on our toes!

How To: Love this Fashionista’s look? Recreate it by pairing a unique blazer with a classy button-down shirt. For a more casual look, switch the formal button down for a washed out denim shirt. Living somewhere where it’s not too cold but still want to try the style? Substitute the blazer for a trendy jumper worn over a colored blouse and be sure to have the necktie and the sleeve cuffs visible! With the preppy look, it is all about mixing and matching formal pieces with daily wear. Try interchanging fabrics but perhaps stick to simplistic prints and solid colors but at the same time don’t be afraid to try and test out different pieces! Once you have got the hang of the Oxford look, you will be a pro!


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