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Well, my friends, the final week of classes before spring break has finally arrived and let me tell you—it feels like anything but spring. While we’re all itching to break out our newest spring fashions and show a little skin, this week’s frigid cold has offered us one last chance to soak in all of winter’s glorious tones and trends. On a sunny Michigan morning, I spotted this Fashionista doing just that, looking bold in black as she headed downtown to run errands.

Name: Mary Zawlocki

Major: Nursing

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What inspired today’s outfit?

Mary Zawlocki: This look was inspired by the cold weather and my simplistic style. I like to wear a lot of neutral tones because they’re appropriate for any occasion, especially black. Black isn’t boring; I think it’s actually one of the best colors a person can wear! Also, my turtleneck sweater is a sneaky move because the big collar doubles as a scarf.

CF: How do you dress to prepare for the cold during the winter?

MZ: One word: sweaters! My closet is full of sweaters. I especially loves ones that are chunky knits and a size larger than I normally wear. They’re perfect because they’re really warm and fashionable, but I also get to be comfy.

CF: If you could have any celebrity’s closet, whose would it be and why?

MZ: If I could have the closet of any celebrity, it would definitely be Blake Lively’s. She likes wearing long, fun coats and has so many sweaters, which are two things I like to wear. It would be great to have her clothes because she always looks carefree and comfy, but fabulous at the same time.

CF: Looking ahead, which spring fashion trends are you most excited for?

MZ: With spring weather just ahead of us, I’m looking forward to wearing fun sandals. I love being able to wear interesting footwear; plus who doesn’t love wearing sandals when it gets warm?!

CF: Which piece of clothing or accessory do you consider a must-have this spring?

MZ: My must-have accessory for spring is a watch. I think they’re a perfect ornament for your wrist, but they’re also practical at the same time. Whether they’re brightly colored or a basic silver or gold, they’re the perfect addition to any spring outfit.

How To: To get this Fashionista’s sassy and sleek look, don’t be afraid to wear black on black. To start, choose either an edgy, black peacoat or a lightweight, black trench coat depending on the weather. For your bottom half, slide on some black skinny jeans to pair with your black jacket. If you’re dressing for a casual day, you can’t go wrong with leather riding boots just like this Fashionista’s, but for a fancier nighttime look, opt for a pair of eye-catching leopard platform pumps to add some extra spice to your outfit. Now you’re ready for any occasion!


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