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With just one week left of winter break, I decided to finally crawl out of my bed and visit a few friends in Chicago, one of my absolute favorite cities. I spent the week shopping, walking around and, of course, people-watching. When I spotted today’s Fashionista, I was excited to see some pattern peeking out from her coat. With temperatures in the teens, it can be very difficult to show your unique style. However, today’s Fashionista accomplished this while still staying warm and cozy under her Kenneth Cole puffer coat.

Name: Marley Kleiman

Major: Psychology and Advertising

Year: Senior

College Fashionista: What is your go-to piece for winter?

Marley Kleiman: I love to add an accessory to every outfit. Not only does it keep me warm walking to class, but it also lets me show a little color or adds a little pop to my outfit. My go-to accessory is usually a scarf!

CF: What’s your favorite blog to read?

MK: My favorite blog is actually an interior design blog. It’s called Apartment Therapy

CF: Where do you get your day-to-day fashion inspiration from?

MK: Walking the streets of Chicago can be inspiration enough at times. I love how unique people’s styles are here. Also, I’ve spent a lot of time traveling to different places around the world and that has definitely inspired my fashion sense.

CF: What’s the best fashion tip you can give our readers?

MK: Take risks. I’ve always been a risk taker when it comes to fashion and that has helped define my style. There are no rules!

How To: Find some funky patterned socks and buy a bundle! Pair them with your favorite boots and let the pattern peak over your boot like today’s Fashionista. Adding a bit of flare or a unique touch can be an easy way to make a statement. If you are an over-the-knee boot wearer, try to invest in a patterned or bold color pant that will provide the same look in a different way. Finally, winter is all about staying warm — so find a knit hat or fun headband and rock it!


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