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When you live in a city as large as Rome, making yourself stand out against the swarms of people can be next to impossible. However, for this Fashionista, standing out is not an issue. She balances cutesy colors with chic neutrals and current trends with vintage vibes to create a look with a modern twist. From class to an internship, this effortless, on-the-go ensemble will take you anywhere you need to go. It’s sophistication, without trying too hard. It’s being noticed in a crowd.

Name: Marjani Edwards

Major: Psychology

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Tell me what you’re wearing and where you got each piece.

Marjani Edwards: I got the pants from Nordstrom and the top from Nordstrom Rack, actually (totally a coincidence). I purchased the shoes from the male section of a thrift shop in Paris. I stole two of my rings from my mom a while ago. The other one (with the design) I got in Morocco, and the rest are from OVS here in Rome.

CF: Your outfit includes quite a few detail pieces. What advice do you have for everyday accessorizing for someone lacking experience in the area?

ME: I would honestly say just go for it. Try everything and see what works best for you, as long as you feel comfortable. Today was actually an experimental day for me with my mid-rings – I usually wear a lot of rings, but not this many. I would also say, whenever you can, try to create a new look with the accessories you already have. For us college kids, this is a great way to save money! Use YouTube and blogs for ideas, as well as DIYs.

CF: What trends are you expecting for this spring?

ME: I would presume the continuation of large, bold accessories. Full skirts that are mid-length or longer are also catching my attention. High-waisted anything is not going away anytime soon. Also of course, colors!

CF: Who and/or what inspires your style?

ME: This may sound weird, but a lot of my clothes and accessories come from my mother, so I have to say she inspires me. She has a classic, relaxed look and her closet is essentially mine. On a normal day I go for what is the most comfortable and stylish in my own way. I dress for my mood – or my need to do laundry, hence the different color socks.

How To: Lucky for all of the Fashionistas out there, this look is effortless to recreate. It includes pieces that can be found in an everyday wardrobe (and if they’re not in yours, head down to your nearest Nordstrom because they’ll be everywhere this spring). Start with the focal piece of this look: the harem trousers. There are two ways this look could go: simple top, busy bottom; or vice versa. Patterned pants, however, are a rapidly growing trend for this spring. If standing out is what you’re going for, try these pants from Forever 21. If you’d like to keep it simple, for a day in the office, try these structured trousers. Next, add your top of preference. This Fashionista picked out a trendy, tribal-printed tank to pair with her black pants. Then, pair patterned trouser socks with tasteful, masculine oxfords. For a truly vintage look, opt for picking up a pair of shoes from the men’s section of a thrift shop, like this Fashionista. Lastly, layer rings on rings, exuding tribal or egyptian look, like these from Brandy Melville, to pull the outfit together. Overall, a structured and sophisticated style is created from simple pieces.


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