Fashionista Spotlight

I spotted this Fashionista right outside of the Watermark Café. She had just left class and was meeting some friends for lunch. I was attracted to her style and how she creatively combined her pieces. I especially loved the flowers in her hair.

Name: Marissa Goldmen

Major: Film, animation and video (FAV)

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: I was so attracted to your unique style and individual pieces of clothing that you have placed next together. Tell us about your style. How do you see it?

Marissa Goldmen: I like to wear clothes that are fun and make me feel confident. I guess I mix a bunch of styles together. A lot of my clothes are vintage and from thrift stores, so I just like to find interesting pairs. It also changes depending on the day.

CF: Tell us about yourself, such as your major, hometown and your favorite movie.

MG: My major is film, animation and video. I am from Boston, or near Boston. I have so many favorite movies, yet a few include the following: City of God, Empire Records, The Skin I Live In, Dogtooth, Beginners, Suburbia and Being John Malkovich. Really any movie that is funny or twisted, and that has a great story.

CF: Does any art that you do or see influence how you dress?

MG: I don’t usually connect the two directly, but I’m sure it does have an influence, since I am so exposed to art. I generally appreciate art for philosophical and thoughtful reasons, whereas fashion for me is purely an aesthetic appeal.

CF: What would we find you wearing for a casual evening in the studio?

MG: Leggings, tank top and a sweater.

CF: Do you have any idols in the fashion industry? If so, who? Why?

MG: I really don’t know much about the fashion world, unfortunately. I kind of just see something and then I like it. I guess I occasionally like pictures on Tumblr or in magazines that serve as inspiration for my clothing.

CF: I’m interested in your tattoos, are you willing to tell me about them?

MG: Both of my tattoos kind of just represent pure forms of nature, kind of like the classic elements. I wanted to keep them simple, but there are ideas behind them. On my arm I have a stream of water. I used to paint a lot of water, and I love the way it looks when it is reflected. It is like the water in David Hockney’s paintings. I also liked the idea of it reminding me to “go with the flow.” The one on my back is of a sunflower. It really reminded me of my family because I grew up with my mom having sunflowers everywhere. I originally wanted to get Van Gogh’s painting of sunflowers on me because I loved his paintings, and he was my Grandfather’s favorite painter. I ended up making my own design. My mom is going to get a matching tattoo. Also, the seed pattern in the sunflower is the Fibonacci Sequence, which is something that really fascinates me.

CF: If you have to pack for a trip that allows only three garments of clothing from your closet, what items would you choose?

MG: Leggings, cute bra and my floral scarf

How To: Take some vintage pieces of clothing and place them next to one another. See how they look together. Get creative and explore prints, textures and different types of clothing. Experiment with your hair and see what you can do to it. Add flowers, hair pieces and yarn if you want to explore even more. I would look at stores like Free People and Anthropologie to find similar garments to those that Marissa wears.



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