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I enjoy finding Fashionistas and Fashionistos who love the simple things about style. They aren’t over the top or over doing it. They are straight to the point about what they like and it is always classic and special. This Fashionista is all of that. Her personality is sweet and true, and can easily be seen through her confident smile and cute style. From her meaningful jewelry to her colorful accents, this Fashionista is ready to put her own touch on spring’s hottest trends.

Name: Maria Perez

Major: Agricultural Economics

Year: 2nd Year PhD Student

CollegeFashionista: Where did you get each piece of your outfit?

Maria Perez: The pearl in my necklace was a gift from my boyfriend and the medal was a gift from my mother. My watch is Fossil. I wearing Vans, pants from Zara and Oakley sunglasses. My shirt is from Bershka and my scarf is from Charlotte Russe.

CF: How do you see your style?

MP: My style reflects my mood and personality. It’s classic and traditional. I like simplicity, but I always complement my outfit with something colorful, meaningful or shiny.

CF: What spring styles and trends are you looking forward to?

MP: Spring is perfect for wearing nice and colorful dresses. I’m look forward to maxi dresses and wide leg pants.

CF: What accessory complements you the most?

MP: My necklace complements me better. It has meaning, and it’s different; I’m sure no once else will have it.

CF: How has your style changed since you started college to now?  

MP: My style has changed a lot. I think I have a more laid back style, but at the same time, I try to be more fashionable. I’ve become more creative and open-minded.

How To: This Fashionista’s pale blue button-down and jean leggings are cute and they gave me a great idea! Have you ever worn denim on denim? If not, it is a must that you try! It is one of the many fashion faux pas that people suggest we stay away from. Of course, I disagree. You can pair a light-wash denim top with darker jeans and vice versa. If you’re daring, pair the same wash color together. A more laid back way would be to find a blue chambray shirt. It’s not denim, but most can’t tell the difference. Love it!


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