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I found this Fashionista all bundled up on her way to class on one of the coldest days yet in Tallahassee. So cold, in fact, that the fountains were frozen over! Here’s a prime example of how to stand out from the crowd while braving the frigid weather as a Floridian. I have to point out that she’s also rocking the harem pant; and that my friends earns serious style boldness points in my book. Leandra Medine, fashion blogger and avid encourager of the drop crotch pant would be so proud.

Here’s what she had to say about her look…

Name: Mandy Pelletier

Major: Nutrition

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: In a few words, how would you describe your style?

Mandy Pelletier: My style depends on my mood that day, but generally I try to be creative and unique with my outfits. I tend to be on the edgier side with a bohemian flare. That being said, I try not to get caught up in trends. I’ve found that just trying new things that are bold and different is what makes my style my own.

CF: You mentioned that you just got back from New York City, what were your favorite spots to shop there?

MP: I mostly did my shopping in the East Village in small vintage shops; I had some unique finds there. Park Avenue doesn’t exactly tickle my fancy, although some of my favorite retail brands are American Apparel and Topshop.

CF: You seem to be put together without spending a ridiculous amount of money. What advice would you give to anyone shopping on a tighter budget?

MP: Go through your closet, find things you haven’t worn in forever and revive them; make them something new and fun! I’m notorious for cutting up and cropping old tees. I also do a lot of thrifting and find things second hand. Old styles are my favorite, particularly the ’90s grunge look. Go through your mom’s old clothes, your grandma’s old clothes and finally your grandpa’s old clothes and bada-bing—a new wardrobe costing you a total of zero dollars!

CF: What’s your one go-to thing in your closet that you can’t live without?

MP: My Frye boots. These things hardly ever leave my feet, and they go with anything and everything. They were on the pricier side, but the quality is what really sold me on them. They’re sturdier, more comfortable, and have a rugged authentic look.

How To: Wondering how you can incorporate this Fashionista’s style into your own look? Let me stop you before you tell yourself that you could never pull this off because I’m telling you, you can. If you’re not naturally as edgy as this, start small by incorporating one or two pieces into your wardrobe. A slouchy beanie or an oversized shirt that gives an effortlessly relaxed appeal. A pair of good leather combat boots is worth the investment if you wear them frequently, or even the boldness of the harem pant because they’re just too darn comfy to pass up. Go big or go home.


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