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Spring has officially sprung. Spring weather has made it difficult for students to pay attention in class, even though we are in our final stretch of class with only four weeks to go. With summer around the corner, students across campus have been trying to whip themselves back into shape. Not only have the dark and gloomy colors of winter been replaced with bright colors that come with spring, fashionable workout clothes have been sported on campus lately. Personally, when I go to the gym, I look like a slob. I am always envious of the Fashionista’s who look chic and stylish while working out. I spotted this Fashionista leaving her dorm, finishing her workout and heading to class!

Name: Maggie Reilly

Major: Pre-Law

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What is your favorite brand of athletic clothing to work out in?

Maggie Reilly: I absolutely love lululemon and Zella. I know it’s typical “Miami girl” to love and wear lululemon, but they are the comfiest clothes I have ever worn—I wear their clothes to class all the time.

CF: What are you wearing?

MR: I am wearing my cropped lululemon yoga pants and then my lululemon zip-up, which is so comfy to throw on on-the-go to the rec and then class! And since today is a little chilly I decided to wear my North Face vest to stay cute and warm!

CF: How would you describe your everyday style of clothing?

MR: I am a bohemian girl. I always find myself gravitating toward that style of clothing and I love it. I typically stick out since that’s not the typical style of dress of Miami, but I don’t really care. I feel like I would look so weird dressing preppy.

How To: Recreating this outfit to make it your own should be a piece of cake! Long or cropped leggings work perfectly because your goal is to look cute and comfy while going to class or going to work out. A fitted top should be paired with your leggings so you do not look sloppy. A nice vest or workout zip-up makes for the perfect coat if it’s a bit chilly out! The shoes should be running sneakers to go along with the style of this outfit, but this Fashionista opted for riding boots and they look fabulous. This Fashionista makes work out clothes look cute and trendy, all while staying comfy for class!


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