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Accessorizing is one of the best ways to complete an outfit. Your choice of accessories can immediately affect the vibe of your look; dainty and elegant jewelry help to create a feminine look while studded and leather accessories can give your outfit an edgy feel. This Fashionista shows off her hippie and bohemian style by layering large pendant necklaces and stacking funky bracelets and intricate rings. Her look is even more unique because she actually handcrafted some of the jewelry herself! Her awesome accessories really add a pop to her already chic outfit. She effortlessly matches a printed kimono with a pair of distressed high-waisted shorts, which shows off her free-spirited style. Aside from layering her accessories, she also layers her thigh-high socks with a pair of sheer tights for a little extra leg coverage. This Fashionista’s eclectic ensemble is perfect for a day out in the California sun.

Name: Maggie Mardinian

Major: Graphic Design

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Where is your outfit from?

Maggie Mardinian: Well, I love going to thrift and consignment stores and finding pieces that are awesome and unique. I found the kimono at a consignment store. The high-waisted shorts and T-strap flats are from Urban Outfitters. My accessories are all from different places, but I made some of them myself! 

CF: Tell me more about your accessories and the jewelry you made! 

MM: My outfits never feel complete without accessories and some jewelry. I love rings with intricate designs. I found my rings at a bunch of cute independent shops in San Francisco, Santa Cruz and even San Diego. Most of the jewelry I wear is either spiritual and/or bohemian with symbols such as yin-yangs, “om” signs or peace signs. I actually made the two pendant necklaces I’m wearing. I love making my own accessories because that makes them unique and more special. 

CF: What is a current fashion staple in your closet? 

MM: The current fashion staples in my closet include my cropped black tops, high-waisted jeans and shorts, oversized cardigans, moccasins and bracelets.

CF: If given the chance, which celebrity’s closet would you raid?

MM: If I had the chance, I would totally raid Krysten Ritter’s closet. Her style is so awesome. I love how she can be so classy and edgy at the same time. 

How To: Kimonos are great for adding a little coverage to an outfit without getting too warm. Recreate this look for a warmer day by sporting this light and airy knit kimono. Wear a cute solid tank top or your favorite crop top. Throw on these unique distressed dip dyed shorts to complete your outfit. As for accessories, try a gemstone pendant necklace to create an earthy vibe. You can also add these bangles to create the same bohemian feel our Fashionista rocks so well!


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