Fashionista Spotlight

The season of layering has finally come to Savannah. And this preppy Fashionista is sporting the perfect combination: a printed sweater over a denim shirt. Layering a basic sweater with a pop of denim makes this outfit fall ready for any casual occasion.

Name: Maddie Ivey

Major: Fashion Marketing and Management

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Maddie Ivey: My personal style is pretty eclectic! I don’t have one kind of style I like. My range of shopping destinations and designers I admire and love are vast…anywhere from Cynthia Rowley to Alexander Wang.

CF: Describe your perfect fall outfit!

MI: My perfect fall outfit would have to be an oversized sweater, leather panel leggings and my blacked out Nike frees (maybe even with one of my favorite hats) It’s casual, trendy yet still embodies my style.

CF: Does living in the South influence your style? If yes, how so??

MI: I would say living in the South influences my style just in the sense that the weather is so different from home! Being a student at SCAD definitely influences my style though, just because everyone dresses so differently. I love it.

CF: Do you have any advice for Fashionistas on a budget?

MI: For a Fashionista on a budget: get creative! Cut a pair of mom jeans into shorts or make an oversized men’s sweater your own by throwing on leggings and boots. I know everyone says to go thrifting and try and sift through Goodwill and Salvation Amy, but you would be surprised- some of my best finds have been from consignment and thrift stores!

How To: This combination is perfect for your morning classes, when leggings and a T-shirt won’t cut it. A basic fair isle, layered on top of a denim button-down will always look good this time of year. Adding printed denim will pull the entire outfit together. Accessories including metallic loafers, statement necklaces bracelets and rings will tie the entire ensemble together as well.

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