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The groundhog may have been wrong. It snowed yet again and forecasts show that the clouds and cold weather are staying for quite some more time. What’s a girl who’s ready for T-shirts and Converse to do? Clearly, for the sake of not freezing, throw on your puffiest North Face jacket along with your knit hat, bundle up and hold out for the next couple of weeks! Spring is on its way, I promise.

Name: Maddie Isaacs

Major: Environmental Studies

Year: 2016

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Maddie Isaacs: I would describe my personal style as very funky. I don’t necessarily stick to brand names, just whatever really pops out at me at the moment is something that I would buy. I love wearing a lot of colors and patterns because it could brighten up any day, like today.

CF: What are the must-haves in your wardrobe?

MI: The must-haves in my wardrobe are not pieces that you could buy at a department store. A lot of my favorite shirts or articles of clothing would be concert T-shirts or band shirts. Unique pieces are my favorite because no one else could buy them and they all hold special memories.

CF: What is your favorite season to dress for?

MI: Definitely spring, just because I feel that everyone’s really excited in breaking out their new clothes and breathing some life into their wardrobe again. I like dressing up when everyone else is excited about getting dressed because they notice the effort you’ve put into your outfit.

CF: A piece of advice for dressing in the spring?

 MI: Be colorful. Trust me, it makes you happier.

How To: Want to make an outfit like this one appropriate to meet your parents after class? Well, first things first, take off the sweater and throw on a cute button-down blouse. A button-down, no matter what color or pattern, automatically professionalizes the look and gives it an older feel. Adding a statement necklace with some red lips will be sure to impress the rents.


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