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Weather in the Midwest is starting to warm up and Fashionistas have never been more ready. Spring is coming closer and with the slight change from the freezing temperatures, it almost feels like summer vacation when a whopping 40-degrees is reached. Weather plays a massive part in the fashion industry and as the weather gets warmer, a whole new world of fashion appears. It can be comedic at times seeing one student in the quad wearing shorts and a sweatshirt and another student sticking to their glove, boots and parka combo. For some, weather confusion can be very prominent on our campus while other students have their style consistently under control. This week’s Fashionista proved that she is more than ready to take on the transition in style.

Name: Lisa Raher

Year: Junior

Major: Special Education

CollegeFashionista: If you had $1000 to spend, what would be the first apparel item you would by?

Lisa Raher: The options are endless, but I would have to go with black patent leather Christian Louboutin pumps. I’d love to have these beautiful shoes in my closet one day.

CF: What advice would you give to others about style?

LR: Finding clothes that you are most comfortable wearing is key in developing your personal style. Understanding what works on your body can help develop confidence in your style and yourself. While it is important to be comfortable and confident in what you are wearing, it is also important and fun to step outside of your comfort zone every once in a while because you never know what you may like.

CF: Why do you think fashion and style are important?

LR: I think that fashion and style are important because they are how you choose to present yourself to those around you each day. What you choose to wear and how you wear it reflects your personality and how you wish to be perceived.

CF: What is the best way to transition from winter to spring?

LR: Trading in boots and coats for sandals and shorts is the best time of year in my opinion! I think that this is the best time to brighten up your wardrobe with some new colors, patterns or styles that you did not get to take advantage of during those winter months.

How To: Start with fitted blue jeans, I recommend AG Jeans and a white long-sleeve shirt. Chic and simple, ponchos are stylish way to start your transition from winter to spring. They are lightweight and comfortable, providing just enough warmth. Make sure to include some of your beloved accessories and a tall pair of riding boots. You will be more than ready to tackle the new season.


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