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Just as quickly as the 2014 new year came upon, spring will be here before we know it. This transition between seasons also calls for a transition in wardrobe. But how do you do that as a college student with a limited amount of space for clothes? My suggestion would be to take elements that work as in-between garments, which are those that you can wear in either the winter or the spring. Classic color combinations such as black or white and hunter green utility jackets will serve as double agents for your between season dilemmas.

Name: Linda Chen

Major: Undecided

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What inspired your outfit today?

Linda Chen: Although it’s winter right now, some spring is about to come very soon. So I chose a coat with green color although, it’s dark green. I think the green color represents spring a lot and it shows the power of growth in the spring. Also, the energy that shows from the color. I also chose  black and white tribal print pants with a pair of black leather boots and a black and white regular cut shirt. Print color wasn’t it for last year’s summer fashion, so hopefully pattern print will be hot this spring. 

CF: Who is your style icon?

LC: I have several style icons. The first one that I really admire is in the movie The Devil Wears Prada the character that Anne Hathaway plays. The character that she plays, Andrea Sachs, I really like the outfits that she wears after she transforms into a character with more fashion sense. The outfit that she’s wearing…I remember there was a scene in the movie where she was changing her outfits day after day. You could see the gradual progression of her sense of chic but also rebellious in her style. She was wearing a little black dress with a metallic gold color necklace and her hairstyle was actually Audrey Hepburn style with a little chic black handbag. I think that outfit was very chic but at the same time she was actually wearing boots, so it’s the rebellious at parts. She added the element of casual and comfort into this chic outfit. So that kind of sent some of the element of my style into it. 

CF: What is your favorite spring trend?

LC: For spring, since it’s warmer, I prefer to wear lighter material with layers on it. If it is cold I would wear a thicker coat but if it is warmer I would wear a cardigan or vest. I can either go with pants and jean material. For skirts, I prefer a spring dress. For this year, floral print would be good but also animal print will be awesome as well. For bags, some leather material bags especially light yellow would be good for the season. 

CF: What’s your go-to spring accessory?

LC: Closed-toed flat shoes with a brighter color and also some necklaces and hats. For spring, I prefer smaller and thinner rimmed hats because it can make the whole style feel lighter and less heavy compared to winter. The leather bag for spring too! 

 CF: What are your favorite brands and designers?

LC: Honestly I don’t have a particular preference towards brands or designers. Whenever I shop, I look for several qualities and I have several standards to see if I really want this item. First of all, it’s the quality and after quality it comes to whether it fits into my overall style. Third of all, I’ll think about the color, whether the color will suit my skin. Different skin tones allow different colors to appear more vibrant or brighten the color. There are a large amount of my clothes from a brand called Cash Cash. I don’t know if they have any in the United States but I bought them in Shanghai. I’m pretty sure they have stores in France as well. I think that it’s originated from France. Their style is overall more appealing to a younger group of people such as college students. So a college age girl would be the prime age group they would look for. Their style is exactly what I’m looking for. They are cute, chic and a little bit rebellious.

How To: To execute this transitional look as well as this Fashionista did, just take some elements that are season neutral. A light scarf paired with a warm lightweight jacket and printed pants would be a wonderful complement to the wonderful spring season. Layers in general are the key to the in between stage as you can peel them off as the temperatures rise.


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