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When we think vintage, we sometimes envision stuffy stores cluttered with some of the most amazing and unique garments (in my opinion), awesome ’80s prom dresses and some cool record collectibles. Although vintage can be considered outdated and only used for Halloween costumes, I wanted to highlight how it can also be quite glamorous and nostalgic. For instance, movie stars like Greta Garbo and Katharine Hepburn are perfect examples of how wearing vintage pieces can be timeless, elegant and versatile. While my opinion may or may not be popular, it seems to resonate with this Fashionista’s chic, retro-inspired ensemble. To find out how she created this stylish look, check out what she had to say about it below!

Name: Lillie Leone

Major: Plan II Honors, Italian and concentration in International Development

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Lillie Leone: My skirt is from Topshop, top from H&M, shoes from Boutique 9 and my jacket is from High Fashion Home.

CF: How would you describe your style?

LL: I like patterns and statement pieces as well as combining new, modern pieces with thrift shop and vintage pieces.

CF: Where do you find fashion inspiration?

LL: My heritage: my American grandma, mom and Italian family.

CF: What are the most unique pieces in your closet?

LL: These shoes are one of them. A vintage jean jacket with mix and match pop art buttons, some unique statement necklaces and a pretty good collection of accessories.

CF: What clothes are you most excited to wear this season?

LL: Strappy sandals and breezy dresses! 

How To: To emulate this look, it might be hard to look in just one store! Diversify your accessories and seek out some vintage shoes from ASOS Marketplace. To complete the outfit, find a patterned pencil skirt and add a sophisticated leather jacket for the finishing touch!


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