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If there’s one major challenge that plagues the typical Fashionista, it’s a strict budget. Luxury products at sky-high prices tempt even the most conscious of spenders, but this week’s Fashionista, who was visiting her home in Memphis from Boston University, demonstrates that savvy shopping can pay off in an equally stylish look. Combining elements found at thrift shops and bargain stores with a standout tote bag, she capitalizes on the unique accents of her cheaper finds and the maximal versatility of the pricier purse. Northern spring breakers, look no further than this easygoing ensemble for a casual daytime look.

Name: Lauren Petrin

Major: Public Relations

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Lauren Petrin: Cheetah print loafers from Target, a cream sweater from Goodwill, a hunter green quilted vest from City Thrift in Memphis and burgundy jeans from T.J. Maxx. I’m also carrying a Longchamp tote bag and wearing jewelry from various boutiques.

CF: What was the inspiration for your outfit today?

LP: Lately, I’ve really been interested in matching different styles and types of vests with big sweaters to make the leggings and sweater look appear a little more put together. I’m looking forward to seeing how I can bring this obsession with vests into my spring style. I’m using the warm weather in Memphis to experiment for the spring in Boston! 

CF: What are you most looking forward to about spring fashion?

LP: I’m really looking forward to printed loafers this spring. They can really accent any simple outfit and are great for transitioning from daytime to evening footwear. 

CF: How has your fashion sense changed since you moved to Boston?

LP: Since I moved to Boston, I have found that I focus a lot more on accessories on a daily basis. Instead of making sure I have the right statement piece of clothing, I rely on incorporating the right jewelry and footwear to complete an outfit.

CF: Where do you go to shop or to find inspiration in the city?

LP: Boston has a ton of great boutiques throughout the city but Newbury is without a doubt the place to go for shopping. There are lots of different start up boutiques and consignment stores that offer a great balance to buy a couple of more expensive pieces paired with inexpensive thrifting finds.

How To: This Fashionista’s outfit is all about making a statement with thrifty finds, so start at local thrift stores and consignment boutiques. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone; often the best spots will be off the beaten trail, and you’ll need perseverance and creativity to sort through all your options. To emulate her look, start with crimson jeans and add to them a textured cream sweater. The short sleeves push the look towards springtime without losing too much warmth. Add a quilted vest or, for those Fashionistas up North, a quilted jacket. Complete the outfit with a neutral tote bag and animal printed loafers.


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