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It’s always refreshing to come across a Fashionista who has a truly unique style. When a girl can set trends, instead of simply wearing a trend, it shows she has superb character and is a true Fashionista. I stumbled upon this London-inspired Fashionista and knew right away I had to snap a photo of her grunge meets chic look.

Name: Lauren O’connor

Year: Sophomore

Major: TV production

CollegeFashionista: What are some of your style inspirations?

LO: I like everything British, so Alexa Chung is my number one inspiration for style. But I’m also obsessed with Topshop and visit the site daily. There are other British blogs I follow too, but I can’t remember the names. Anything London or British I’m obsessed with, because I’m a little bored with American trends.

CF: Can you describe your style in three words?

LO: Neutral colors, British and edgy

CF: If you could raid one celebrity’s closest whose would it be?

LO: Alexa Chung or Gwen Stefani. Our styles are very similar because we both like to stick with a neutral base with colors like blacks, blues and greens, and then we build upon it. They also wear a lot of jackets and boots, which are my go-to accessories.

CF: What advice do you have for Fashionistas trying to find their own style?

LO: Find something you like, stick with it and make it your own.

CF: Can you describe what you’re wearing today?

LO: My boots are Forever 21, the pants are Killcity, the shirt is vintage and my purse is Calvin Klein.

How To: To recreate this outfit it’s all about the neutral colors and textures. Whip out your pleather pants and a long sweater or pair different patterns like pleather and stripes. Most importantly do not forget the accessories. This Fashionista used a cool jean jacket and brown tortoise shell sunglasses like these but feel free to use anything like bright and bulky jewelry, studded jackets and combat boots.


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