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Spring is in full swing, and what better way to welcome spring than to embrace pastels and sunshine? When it comes to springtime fashion you can never have to much oxford going on. Whether it be oxford shoes or oxford button-down shirts, this look is perfect for a spring look that can accommodate various styles and weather patterns. This Fashionista, stayed true to her spring pastels and chose to opt for a spring appropriate oxford button-down and paired it with a light mesh sweater. This look is not only light and perfect for days that aren’t as warm as we hoped, but also a trend that has carried over seasons. While seasons may come and go, pastels will always be true to spring. Check out this Fashionista’s edgy look on spring that can utilize any oxfords or pastels in your wardrobe.

 Lauren Barth

 Business Administration


CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Lauren Barth: I definitely have a sporty feel with some edge. My style has a lot of menswear inspiration as well. 

CF: What is a staple in your collection?

LB: Oxford shoes for sure. I also have this black moto jacket from H&M that I can literally wear with anything.

CF: What is on your wishlist?

LB: I’m on the lookout for a good pair of black overall shorts. I want the longer ones that go mid-length down the thigh. I think those are more high fashion then the shorter ones.

CF: What are some of your favorite trends right now?

LB: I really like the pastels. As you can tell, this shirt I’m wearing today has pastels and I think they are so easy to work into an outfit. I’m also really big into Zara’s origami skirts or also called wrap skirts.

CF: What’s something you would never be caught dead in?

LB: Peasant blouses with the poofy shoulders. That to me looks like a Halloween look. Also, Birkenstocks. I never understood why that became a trend. 

How To: To achieve this Fashionista’s look, pair your favorite oxfords with a button-down pastel blouse to achieve a true springtime look. If you want to make it edgier, try topping off your button-down with a weather appropriate sweater that complements this look.


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