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The semester is ending and that means two things for Hampton; it is time for finals and group projects and it is beginning to drop in temperature rapidly. Around this time, students are ready to finish out the semester as strong as possible and return home to distant friends and families. There is one thing that will never shy students’ mind and that is their end-of-the-year attire. It is different from that of the beginning but do not worry, there are no days off for Fashionistos/as. I caught this Fashionista on the walkway looking simple, casual but chic all at the same time with the use of accessories and a sense of style that exuded effortlessly.

Name: Lashonda Peters

Major: Criminal Justice

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What is your fashion inspiration?

Lashonda Peters: I am my own inspiration. I don’t do what other people do because that is not who I am. I like to be different because that is who I truly am and I let that show. I am always changing something about myself.

CF: How do you incorporate your unique style into the fall season?

LP: I just make the decisions as they come to put together certain outfits. If I want to go for a certain look, that’s what I’ll do but I’m not going to forget how cold it is outside at the same time. I really like scarves and boots so I play around with those constantly.

CF: Have you found your finals fit?

LP: Because it’s the end of the semester and there is so much work to do, I am more conscious of how comfortable I am but still cute. It is definitely possible to do both! I am really big on comfortable shoes and comfortable bottoms just so I feel free to move throughout my day as I please at teachers’ request.

CF: What are some things you are excited about for the colder days to come?

LP: Coats! You are more than likely to see me in layers only because I am not a fan of big, constrictive coats but I have been seeing some that have really gotten my attention. I’ve tried them on and everything and I am getting one.

CF: Do you have any advice for other Fashionistas/os on campus?

LP: At the end of the day, be yourself. Don’t underestimate yourself and your ability to show off your own style.

How To: Achieving this look is sweet as pie and simple, no lie. Jean jackets are a must have item for all Fashionistos/as. This time of year, you all should also be stocking up on your sweaters because they will be your easy go-to items. A cute pair of sneakers will give you that fashionable flare in even the simplest of fits. Play around with the casual look by adding accessories and pop pieces.


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