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The sun has peeked its rays over the Kent State University campus. Things are looking up for us Golden Flashes! In honor of this bright delight, I made a “Better Weather” playlist. Now I have an excuse to listen to George Harrison sing “Here Comes the Sun” on repeat as I make my way through the snow mounds. I’m lame, I know. After months of swimming in a sea of parkas and cumbersome winter coats, the students of Kent State are sporting different types of more fashionable and lighter outerwear items. It is a refreshing sight. In just a few weeks, snowy sidewalks will disappear and catwalks will emerge. This week’s Fashionista is already ahead of the curve as I spotted her walking across campus wearing the edgiest Aztec patterned army jacket.

Name: Laney Holloway

Year: Sophomore

Major: Advertising

CollegeFashionista: Tell me about your outfit!

Laney Holloway: My jacket and shirt are from Forever 21. My skirt and tights are from Charlotte Russe. I bought my hat and bag from Target and my boots are from Roxy.

CF: Describe your personal style.

LH: I don’t have a certain way that I dress. If I like a piece; I like it. It could be leather, neon, denim or patterned. I just know something that I would wear.

CF: What is your favorite thing in your closet?

LH: It’s actually these boots! I’m kind of short, so anything with a heel on it that doesn’t make me fall over is amazing. I also like the crochet element. It’s an overall awesome boot. Good job, Roxy!

CF: Who/What gives you fashion inspiration?

LH: I’m really into the way Johnny Depp dresses. His style is relaxed and has a bit of a gypsy and grunge vibe. Johnny inspired the purchase of this jacket!

CF: What beauty and fashion item is “a must” for you?

LH: I don’t really care about makeup. I barely wear it. You caught me on a good day! As for fashion items, I love to accessorize. I have so many chunky necklaces and over the top rings.

How To: A Fashionista must first get a circle skirt. It doesn’t matter the fabric; it can tie any outfit together! Next, get a pair of colored tights and a T-shirt. Accessorize with a beanie, leather bag and heeled boots. Finally, top off your edgy and chic look with an oversized army jacket!


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