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I am back for a mid-week Fashionista update! I hope your week is going swell and is filled with fashion. Like always, I took to the streets to find this week’s Fashionista. During my journey, I spotted this Fashionista rocking a pair of very trendy and very comfortable wide-leg pants.

Name: Kylah Gonzalez

Major: Speech and Hearing Sciences, concentration in Deaf Studies

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What inspires your fashion?

Kylah Gonzalez: My outfit always says a lot about how I’m feeling. If it’s a lazy day, you already know I’m throwing on leggings and a big white tee. I get most of my outfit  ideas from other Fashionistas around campus or through blogs and Instagram. If I have a nice, trendy statement piece, I like to make that the focus of my outfit. I like keeping up with the trends, no matter what style it is!

CF: What is your favorite season to dress for?

KG: That’s a good question. I would have to say fall and spring are my favorite seasons to dress for because the transitional weather allows you to mix up your winter and summer clothes! You can still wear jeans with sandals or a sweater with a skirt. Mixing and matching is fun before the super cold or super hot weather comes through.

CF: What is your favorite thing in your closet at the moment?

KG: My favorite thing in my closet at the moment, has to be my white Converse. They go with anything and everything, they’re comfortable, they’re lightweight. They can be grunge, bohemian, preppy—you name it!

CF: Where is your favorite place to shop?

KG: Aside from Forever 21 because they have everything, I love TOBI. They have great quality clothes and often have sales! I particularly like their dresses because they have unique styles and lots of color choices. I also love them for their great customer service because everyone knows good customer service is always a plus!

How To: You can find this basic black crop top tee from American Apparel and pair it with a simple jean jacket. Next, find the very popular and extremely cute wide-leg pants and slip on your favorite sandals. This headband is from ArielSimone’s line on Etsy and the bracelets are an assorted cluster of fun. Lastly, throw your books into a cute tote for class and you’re ready for your day!


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