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In the midst of a winter storm this Fashionista was spotted wearing a stellar casual outfit for class. I am a firm believer that when you’re feeling down or stressed you should dress up. When you roll out of bed for that dreaded 8:30 power hour and throw on sweats you feel disorganized and unmotivated the whole day. When you simply take five more minutes to put on jeans and a cute top with a few accessories, you feel ready to take on the day. Dressing up a little bit more than you usual would give you that extra boost of confidence.  You can see in her smile and eyes that she isn’t going to let winter blues stand in her way.

Name: Kyla Uylett

Major: Pre-Communication

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What is one thing you love about winter fashion and one thing you hate about it?

Kyla Uylett: I love how you can layer on sweaters and scarves to not only add warmth but to take your look to the next level, for me its all about layering! Even though this isn’t so much what I hate about winter fashion but just what people wear in winter in general. I will never understand why girls still wear shorts to go out on the weekends! It’s freezing, put on some pants!

CF: What trend have you seen but are too afraid to wear? 

KU: The oversized scarf shaw type garment draped over an outfit (see Chanel, Acne Studio or Urban Outfitters). Even though it is super boho chic, I feel like people would think I just rolled out of bed and forgot to take my blanket off my shoulders!

CF: Where do you go for inspiration when you find yourself looking in your closet with nothing to wear?

KU: I have an amazing roommate major in Apparel Design, she has such an impeccable sense of style and always knows what looks good. She inspires me to broaden my comfort zone and try new styles all the time.

CF: Where are your pieces from that you are wearing today?

KU: My bag is Steve Madden, the boots are from Dillard’s, my favorite GUESS coat, an Urban Outfitters scarf and a silk pink and white, stripe tank top from Banana Republic.

How To: I would swap the brown boots for a pair of over the knee black boots and the stripe tank for a bohemian tunic while adding loads of gold jewelry. I am loving the ’60s meets modern day glamazon look right now as seen in Rachel Zoe’s collection. Accessories are great pieces to splurge on not only because they take longer to cycle out trends so you can wear it longer, but you’re given so many more options on how to wear a look!


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