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There may be mounds of dirty snow still lurking here and there around campus, but those little piles of resistant ice are going to have recognize it soon: spring has sprung. It’s time to bust out the color and readjust to thinner fabrics. This week’s Fashionista sports a great transitional outfit for the shifting weather, layering different textiles to create a light but still warm look.

Name: Kristine Morozink

Major: Elementary Education and Studio Art

Year: Junior

C0llegeFashionista: What inspires your style?

Kristine Morozink: Mostly patterns and colors. I really go for texture, color and pattern, and I like mixing those things. I like a more modest look, but I also really love a somewhat urban, baggy style— not super fitted. 

CF: Would you say that your style has evolved since coming to college, and if so, how?

KM: I would say that it has not. I went to college in the same place that I lived, so it hasn’t changed too much.

CF: When would you say that your personal style really crystallized?

KM: The end of my high school years, like junior and senior year. I think I had a lot more access to things, or I was out in downtown Chicago and exposed to more different styles then.

CF: Would you say seeing other people, things in stores or other things most significantly impacted your personal aesthetic?

KM: The time that my aesthetic developed is the same time I started being interested in art. So I think a lot of my sense of color and pattern maybe came from seeing paintings and being around people who desired a certain aesthetic. I would say it was just inspired by being in a generally art centered community. Then, I would choose pieces individually that I would love to mix and match. So there’s not an outfit I see that I want to recreate; it’s more like individual pieces that I try to fit together.

CF: Do you feel like you can see a connection between the art you make and the clothes you wear?

KM: In some ways. Mostly in color— certain vibrant colors, but not very pastel or very neon, but generally richer tones. I think what I would put on paper, I would like to wear.

CF: Do you feel like those aesthetic sensibilities mostly manifest themselves in terms of your clothes and your artwork, or are there are other ways they come out?

KM: Probably also in what you eat. Like, just a variety of color— it’s maybe not intentional, but, like, greens and the colors of beets and peppers. I feel like you’re drawn to color in a way that can come out in your food. I like having variety on my plate, so that’s one way it plays out.

How To: Start with basic leggings and a comfy skirt, then throw on a patterned collared shirt under a bright sweater. Add fun socks and moccasins, and finish with vintage jewelry.


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