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Being in the middle of Pennsylvania has its ups and downs. We are surrounded by fun, fashionable college students, but hours away from the best cities and large shopping malls. Because of this, many Penn State students opt to online shop. TOBI has become a popular site at our school because of its diverse rage of clothing, low prices and constant discounts. Another favorite is ASOS, especially because of their free shipping and return policy. The days of paying for shipping and handling and paying for something to be returned because it doesn’t fit is coming to an end. Shopping is becoming more convenient than ever and can be delivered in our hands within a few business day. Find out how this Fashionista incorporates her favorite online stores with her outfits.

Name: Kristina Coscio

Major: Supply Chain

Year: Sophomore

CF: What are you wearing?

KK: My sweater is from TOBI, and my scarf is from ASOS. I also got this vest at Old Navy.

CollegeFashionista: Who is your fashion inspiration?

Kristina Coscio: It’s hard to put a finger on one individual that I model my style after. To be completely honest I think I get most of my fashion inspirations from my sisters in my sorority. Living all together I am always seeing cool, new trendy pieces that make me think outside of the box when I’m getting dressed whether it’s in the morning for class or in the evening for a night out.

CF: How would you describe your style?

KK: Is TOBI a style? Because if it is, that’s what mine would be classified as. I really like how their clothes range from classy and conservative, to fun and risky. I order a lot of my clothes from their website weather it’s crop tops for going out or sweater for cold Penn State days.

CF: How do you remain fashionable in the cold?

KK: Since I started college, I have learned to love dressing in layers. My favorite thing to wear in the winter are sweaters, scarves and vests. With the right amount of each, you have an endless combinations of easy outfits! Recently I have stepped out of the normal black and navy blue vests and have purchased some in white, purple and fur. They are defiantly a staple in my winter fashion.

CF: What are you looking forward to wearing in the spring?

KK: I am looking forward to bringing out the floral prints and bright colors for the nice weather. I love pastel colored pants and can’t wait until they are all over campus this spring!

How To: Wear this outfit in the spring season with just a few steps. The vest is great for the cold weather, but with the sun shining, just go with the sweater. Pair the sweater with floral leggings and, my new favorite staple that you can wear all year long, Dr. Martens.


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