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Finals are approaching and it’s time to settle into the library, but that’s no reason to bring out the sweatpants! I spotted this Fashionista braving the walk to the library in an extra fuzzy white jacket and her two-tone Longchamp tote filled with books. She pairs this cozy and chic jacket with a thermal floral print top to stay warm. To make sure she’s comfortable while studying she opts for a pair of jeggings and tall black leather boots. She accessorizes her look with an oversized tote, a gold Michael Kors watch and a tousled hairstyle. This Fashionista knows exactly how to dress for those long study days.

Name: Kristen Samuelson

Major: Applied Accounting and Finance

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Where did you get each piece of your outfit?

KS: I got my gold watch and jeans from Nordstrom, my purple shirt from Urban Outfitters, my white sweater from Tobi and my black boots from DSW. 

CF: Who and where do you look for inspiration?

KS: My favorite store to shop at is Nordstrom so I tend to buy most of my clothes from there. I usually like to wear comfortable clothes like big sweaters and boots during the winter months so I look on Pinterest for styles that I like. 

CF: Describe your overall style.

KS: My overall style would be comfortable and conservative. I usually don’t take big risks with my outfits, but I do try to stay up with some of the trends going on. 

How To: Don’t let your finals take away your style; be chic while dressing comfortably. Add a printed top underneath your coziest sweater. To stay comfy during the long hours of studying pair your fuzzy jacket with jeans or leggings. Don’t forget to accessorize your outfit with some statement jewelry, like a gold watch, and a pair of knee-high boots. Lastly grab your cutest school bag and head to the library looking your best!


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