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The month of January brings us frigid temperatures and bone-chilling wind gusts. When it comes to staying warm, Fashionistas/os should turn to outerwear to maintain functionality and fashion. Outerwear was a big trend on the runways this fall and continues to be a staple everyone should take advantage of, and this Fashionista is right on track. Many consider outerwear to be bulky and, therefore, unfashionable. However, when it comes to styling for winter weather it’s easy to find options that provide practicality and follow the latest trends without sacrificing style or your silhouette.

Name: Kristen Purdy

Major: Biology

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What are your top three favorite items to wear?

Kristen Purdy: I love riding boots, V-neck sweaters and scarves.

CF: What is your favorite designer/brand?

KP: J.Crew provides great options year round that accompany my simple and colorful sense of style.

CF: Do you look up to any style icons?

KP: I don’t really have a style icon per se, I mostly use what other people are wearing as inspiration for my own style and go from there.

How To: Incorporating outerwear in your wardrobe is simple and there are many options to choose from. This Fashionista is wearing a peacoat, which is a great way to capture warmth and style. Military-inspired jackets are another great way to fight off winter’s sting and look chic at the same time. Quilted options are great as well and give outerwear extra dimension with a great layer of texture. Don’t be afraid to branch out with bright colors or patterns such as houndstooth as outerwear may become your statement piece depending on the day’s activities. Use jackets and coats as a way to showcase your style and not as a means to shy away from your styling scheme.


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