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February is an excellent time to start mixing spring and fall looks. The sun shines and the birds sing, but the wind still blows. Fashionistas must force themselves to hold back their urges to dive straight into warm weather styles. What one needs in a situation like this is wardrobe compromise.

With the cold weather, scarves and jackets remain necessary but can be switched out for lighter versions. Today’s Fashionista chose to wear shorts but paired them with cute floral tights, an excellent mix between winter warmth and springtime patterns. She also opted for bright shoes, adding a simple pop of color necessary in these pre-spring days. Paired with cute sunglasses, she got away with a look of comfort mixed with retro-chic.

Name: Kit Gambill

Major: Political Science and International Studies

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Kit Gambill: I try to aim for a simple but unique style. Not too out there, just a little offbeat.

CF: Where do you get your style inspiration?

KG: I really like ’40s-style throwback. Combining modern fashion with things my grandma would wear is also fun.

CF: How has your style evolved over your college career?

KG: It has become more simple and practical. Also, I take more risks.

CF: What is a staple wardrobe item that you believe every woman should have?

KG: Obviously the little black dress.

How To: This Fashionista’s style is very simplistic, offering a great opportunity to approach some color blocking. Color blocking is a trend that was popular this fall, but it never really gets old. It offers bright pops of color that liven up any outfit and can assist you in your seasonal wardrobe transition. Start by picking your color palate, either from the same family on the color wheel or complementary families. Try this cute teal blouse and pair it with shorts in another shade of blue. Add some sheer tights from the opposite end of the color wheel to keep your legs warm and your outfit fresh. When accessorizing, try keeping things neutral so your outfit doesn’t become overwhelming. Throw on a cute patterned scarf to add some depth and your outfit is complete!


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