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One of my favorite things about the springtime, besides the obvious beautiful weather, is everyone wearing fun, pastel colors around campus. For some reason, when it gets cold out many people feel the need to darken their wardrobe, which isn’t necessary. Pastels can be worn in the winter. Better yet, pastels should be worn in the winter. There is no better way to brighten up an outfit than with a pastel shirt, pair of leggings or headband. I spotted this Fashionista styling a unique, pastel headband. I immediately admired her ability to make a dark winter day, a bright one.

Name: Kirsty Cowie

Major: Business

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Who inspires your style?

Kristy Cowie: Rachel Bilson. She is always wearing the latest trends, but with her own style built into it. I love her ability to wear different prints. She wears a lot of bold, but girly stuff. I also loved her style on the television show, The O.C.

CF: What are your favorite things to wear in the winter time? 

KC: Scarves, but also my Jack Wills vest. It keeps me warm and comfortable, but also looks great with any outfit.

CF: If you could go on a shopping spree anywhere, where would you go?

KC: Originally, I was thinking Europe because the fashion there is awesome, but realistically I would go shopping online. I love going on Pinterest and finding different outfits. I would just buy all the outfits I pinned. 

How To: Wear this outfit while Christmas shopping. I know whenever I go shopping, I want to feel comfortable and cute. Leggings are the perfect choice with a sweater. I am always facing the dilemma on wearing a coat because once I’m in the mall and have the shopping adrenaline in me, I get a bit warm. Ditch the coat for the day, and wear a vest—that way, you can stay warm while you are outside, but still feel comfortable inside.


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